Chapter Funding



The Indigenous Legal Impact (ILI) and the Academic Enrichment (AE) grant programs further NNALSA’s mission of supporting tribal communities while providing opportunities for law students to develop the necessary skills to be successful attorneys in Indian Country.

NNALSA local chapters and individual NNALSA members can take advantage of this amazing opportunities to earn pro bono/volunteer service hours during the school year assisting tribes with their legal needs.  

Indigenous Legal Impact Grant 

The Indigenous Legal Impact Grant (ILI) supports local chapters by providing financial assistance for volunteer and pro bono activities throughout Indian Country. The ILI grants covers costs including transportation, lodging, meals, and supplies. 

Academic Enrichment Grant

The Academic Enrichment Grant (AE) provides assistance to local chapters that organize academic activities such as panel discussions, conferences, and cultural events. The AE grant covers costs including presenter/speaker costs, room costs, and catering costs. 

Grant Program Eligibility

NNALSA members, local NALSA Chapters, or groups of NNALSA members are eligible to have their projects funded by the ILI/AE Grant Program. The participating local chapter and all project participants must be current, dues-paying NNALSA members as of the date of the project.

Grant Applications

Those applying may submit a Pre-Approval Application prior to the commencement of a project or those applying may submit a Post-Completion Application after the project is completed for reimbursement of expenses.  Grant applicants will be notified as soon as possible regarding the NNALSA Board’s decision whether to support the project. 

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