18th Annual Writing Competition

The NNALSA Writing Competition recognizes excellence in legal research and writing related to Indian law on a federal or tribal level.  NNALSA encourages law students to develop their research and writing skills to enhance the subject area of Indian law.  Eligible topics are Federal Indian law and policy, Tribal law and policy, International law and policy concerning indigenous peoples, and Comparative Law (i.e. intertribal or government-to-government studies).  The NNALSA writing competition increases awareness of issues affecting Indigenous people around the world.  

Past topics include: same sex marriage, the Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act, and the Ngäbe-Buglé Community of Panama.  These topics are just a small representation of the amazing legal work from students like you.  Your participation and legal research increases awareness of important Indigenous issues.

The competition is open to all matriculated law students regardless of race or tribal membership status.  The local host NALSA chapter will review the article submissions and select a winner based on the writing competition rules.  The top three submissions receives a cash prize and publication in an official law journal that is selected by the host committee.  Winners will be announced at the Annual NNALSA Meeting at the Federal Bar Association Indian Law Conference in April. 

This year's  NNALSA Writing Competition is hosted by the

NALSA Chapter of University of New Mexico School of Law. 

The topic area and official announcement of the competition

will be released in November 2018, so please stay tuned!